CRESTANI DOCET: Aiming at the Sun to save the environment!

Impianto energia solare

Unfortunately even today fossil fuels (expression with which oil, coal, natural gas and other hydrocarbons are grouped) are the most widely used sources to produce energy. We say "unfortunately" because it has long been proven and known that the use of these sources is one of the major causes of global pollution and climate change affecting the planet. In addition to being harmful to people's health and to the environment, these resources are also exhaustible and therefore destined to run out. Furthermore, their exhaustion may also occur in a very short time, given the enormous use that is made of them all over the world. Alarming data on the effects of the use of fossil fuels lead us to move with incredible urgency to renewable energy sources.

When we talk about renewable energy sources we refer to resources coming from nature that have characteristics of inexhaustible. This means that you are freed from the danger of running into their end, as these resources are always available. In addition, renewable sources of energy do not negatively impact the environment, as is the case with fossil fuels. In fact, their use does not produce emissions of polluting substances that are harmful to the health of the environment and people. The sun, from which most of the energy forms present on our planet derive, is also one of the most important renewable sources of energy. Sunlight can be exploited in various ways and through different types of systems. Just think of solar panels that transform it into electricity or solar collectors that allow you to generate thermal energy from the sun. These are just a few examples of the various ways in which clean energy from the sun can be used to produce new energy. Crestani docet, namley Crestani teaches!

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