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Cobalt 60 gamma irradiation process

Cobalt 60Following are some useful information about the G-Irradiation technological process. The outsourcer performs the radiation using a source of Cobalt 60.

But first some scientific data about radioactivity. The cobalt decays by emitting photons of gamma rays (eloctromagnetic waves -N particles- whose maximum power is 1.33 Mev) more precisely two photons at 1.17 Mev and 1.33 Mev.

This power cannot in any circumstances induce radioactivity to the material (should there be any reasonable doubt they would have the certifiers perform a measurement on each batch of products).

A radioactive product requires a power greater than 10 Mev and different types of radiation (Alpha-beta). The irradiated material bears no residues of gamma radiation. The peculiarities of gamma rays are such that they pass through the material and interact with it without leaving "residual traces" but only the interaction effects (reduction of microbial burden).

The trivial change of colour (only worth of notice in clear glass not in amber) is due to a physical change (not chemical) on the glass which polarizes the light and therefore it is no longer transparent since it absorbs certain wavelengths while observing the product by daylight.

More importantly we can speak of total product sterility, for 25 kGy (as a mean dosage) is deemed to be the "over killer" by the European Pharmacopoeia and thus very suited to the pharmaceutical industry! The ultimate packaging is subjected to a vacuum treatment with double sealing.

Giorgio Gastaldello, sales and marketing manager
Giorgio Gastaldello
Sales & Marketing Manager

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