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Ability to manage a project

The international transfer of know-how and technologies as a whole can be functional to achieve important goals of long-term growth. A company takes advantage of the opportunity to create very specific products to be allocated to markets, which by contrast appear to be cost-driven and thus purely unsustainable. A medium-small establishment as Crestani S.r.l. has launched new opportunities for market penetration that can bear fruit as the local conditions of the target market mature, especially in foreign lands.

There are also strategic operational risks; and yet at the same time with business benefits and company image lying ahead, it is mandatory to cut time niches for pure analysis of critical issues relevant to the choice of the company to share technological knowledge abroad - typical of the Italian creativity! The ability to manage a project is a key feature and an important industrial tool, which become suddenly available to small business concerns, thus triggering efficient ways of approach to international markets.


Giorgio Gastaldello, sales and marketing manager Specific projects, if skilfully tailored "and with a bit of Japanese mentality" do provide solid grounds and facilitate to lay the foundations for future and long lasting industrial cooperation, not only with (Italian) partners but also with small but fast-growing foreign markets. Funnily enough, I may well refer to a witty remark from a friend of the rising sun: "The presentation is just as important as the preparation.....of a project."

(....again it's not much like water off a duck's back!)

Giorgio Gastaldello
Sales & Marketing Manager

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