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Crestani provides the unusual

In respect of my latest quotation "Quality does not cost: A lack of quality does" we at Crestani are constantly striving to develop our market position and feel strongly that our clients ought to be more closely integrated into our marketing plans. Words such as exciting and unique do not usually spring to mind in connection with the first-rate packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. And yet at the same time the significant improvements of the last few years have made them only too appropriate as a result of the latest company's innovative strength.

After hitting upon unusual initiatives, Crestani is now manufacturing and getting products outsourced, especially in vials whose value added content is largely recognised as being very innovative. Not only does Crestani specialise in business exclusivity but it also promotes well-rooted marketing strategies in relation to pricing and total medium-term costs. In order to minimise the risk and for longer-term strategic growth reasons, I have always been very keen to identify benefits from purchasing value added items and services alike.

Quite similarly,  the company has entered the first quarter of 2013 with a bang by introducing two unusual product elements to its lively range of high quality items. Obviously, when trying something quite so revolutionary, you can expect teething issues in the production process; but they were relatively few. These products, which have been on the market for not so long a time, have been well received and I forecast more of this will follow suit.

Long term cost advantage

Giorgio Gastaldello, sales and marketing managerRather than going on about outstanding business realities which in time have allowed me to clean cut a competitive edge against that of the competition's - and as it shown in the picture, added value items - however costly they may be - certainly generate longer-term cost advantages. It is also appreciated that from a business perspective, pricing is not the only important cost component. Relationship costs (direct, indirect and psychological) should be just as equally important.


Giorgio Gastaldello
Sales & Marketing Manager

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