Production capacity

Rotativa per produzione di fialeThe production capacity is over a million ampoules a day and is backed up by an advanced technology designed to assess any of those critical parameters of the ampoule.

The company boasts machines of the latest generation and some of them feature a special ampoule carrying line for large ampoule sizes.
The machines are equipped with self-adjustment systems in the rotating machine resulting in an enhanced product stability.
Further supported by video monitoring system checking upon critical parameters and data recording.

Additionally, the company has the possibility of devoting an ampoule machine to a specific production.

One Point Cut (OPC)In the light of a greater demand for ampoules with O.P.C. system (One Point Cut) from the pharmaceutical companies, CRESTANI s.r.l. thought it would be a good idea to devise a more reliable O.P.C. system called "CRS O.P.C. SYSTEM" based upon highly sophisticated technologies with the following advantages:

  • contained standard deviation
  • fewer ampoule breakages during production
  • clearer edges and reduced risks of micro-cracks
  • on-line data recording