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Technology and innovation


Blazed a trail in new methods of monitoring the quality on line as a result of a state-of-the-art computerised system called Process-1 which was also validated according GAMP norms.

In essence, the system is arranged in a way that does constantly give the personnel helpful hints / directions on how to best handle the production process.

  • interpersonal communication improvement through close contacts among personnel involved in the production process and through interaction among machines, operators, mechanics, heads of a shift, production manager, quality control and quality assurance.
  • immediate on-line analysis of the collected data and sheer graphical visualisation.
  • collaboration and improvement thanks to relations enhancement between man/machine.
  • The on-line monitor screen acts as an assistant rather than a tool, thus allowing the operator to watch out on the production trend.

Considering that the quantity has played an important role in the twentieth century and that the quality will be the main issue and above all the essential key to success in the years to come, we have thought of concentrating our efforts upon those basic aspects linking QUALITY and PRODUCTIVITY, hence the PROCESS-1.

The PROCESS-1 is an innovative system which has been designed to improve the product quality aspects and as a result the service to our customers. It also contributes to further developing the production process in a way that will minimise the "hidden cost" effect, namely all those elements that have a negative impact on the manufacturing overheads.

We are fully aware of how delicate it may be to emphasise the "strategic thinking" that backs up the importance of the application of the quality philosophy. And yet we are convinced that with that highly sophisticated computerised system we are in a position to immediately make alternate resources available to the technological progress in respect of the customer requirements.

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