Corporate Philosophy

Quality has been widely defined as "meeting or exceeding customer expectation" a criterion that also happens to be the focus of CRESTANI management model.

We firmly believe that if we meet all the requirements, we will end up satisfying the customer - hence, grow the business.

The new management model is nothing more than a discipline for seeing your entire organisation: the interrelationships among people and processes that determine success.

At present, we are dealing with issues such as:

  • Aligning internal processes with customer satisfaction
  • Putting everybody in the company to work on shared goals
  • Facilitating a long-term approach to continuous improvement
  • Understanding and improving all our critical processes
  • Promoting prevention rather than reaction
  • Seeking ways to be faster and more flexible throughout the organisation
  • Satisfying your customer
  • Valueing results

The system is actually organised around customer satisfaction, which makes knowing what our customers expect and require the most important job our Company has.