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An established name, synonymous with high quality, efficiency and excellent service which is the result of more than 60 years of tradition in the area of glass ampoules manufacture for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.




Ideal partner for the design and supply of vials (particularly custom-made)


X Entity: Immediacy for clarity concept

Has anybody thought about what these three simple words might stand for? It is always worth capturing the meaning in a context of pure dynamism, no matter how small or large a concern really is.

What as in.... what are we talking about? just products? (simple approach)

How as in..... how are we going to do it? set out making plans. (brigher view)

Why as in..... corporate mission perception! clear tactical vision. (smartest strategy)

These past few years have been kind of challenging not only for me but also for the company I have represented internationally. As a commercial manager over the years, I have tried to shape special environments where the people involved would shine and do their best, no matter what. Since I have always tried to carve market niches, from an early age, it gives me an extra opportunity to manifest enthusiasm and share it with smart individuals, in addition to unusual settings that hopefully illuminate the things I certainly love about them.

Why How What

I have often wished that there would be an immediacy that happens when you are standing right next to the people involved in the process. The next visual bridge linking the river banks is clarity of concepts... where are we all heading for?..... are we developing a mission strategy?..... what will we be doing in ten years' time.
Giorgio Gastaldello, sales and marketing manager The heart of the matter lies with a simple word - WHY which not only does it sound futuristic but it also opens up a number of scenarios yet to be explored.

Giorgio Gastaldello
Sales & Marketing Manager

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